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Understanding Landing Page Events in GA4

Understanding Landing Page Events in GA4

The landing page report is critical to understanding how users come to your website, their actions, and how they engage with the page.

A landing page is the first page a user visits on your website for each session. 

Read: Users, Sessions and Engaged Sessions.

Marketers may need clarification as some refer to sales pages only as landing pages.

When a user visits a website, a page_view event is triggered. If the page_view is the first page viewed during the session, a page_view entrance parameter is registered. This entrance parameter indicates a landing page, that is, the session's entry page. This way, Google Analytics can organise the reports.



If a user visits the DataTrota website and lands on, the home page (/) becomes the landing page. 

If a user clicks on an advert on Google and is taken to the sales page, e.g., /post-job becomes the landing page.


Blank row and not set on the landing page report 

The blank row seen on the landing page report represents the home page. The empty row url is seen when you add the secondary parameter - Landing page + query string.

The (not set) row is activated when an inactive session gets activated. To explain this further, in our previous article, we demonstrated that a session closes when idle for 30 minutes; that is, the user does not interact with the page for 30 minutes. When this same user returns to the page and activates it by scrolling down 90% of the page, a page_view event is triggered, but it will not have an entrance parameter.

Analysts often need clarification on these rows, and this article explains it.

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